Các câu lệnh AI để liệt kê từ khóa

Câu lệnh liệt kê từ khóa

I am writing an article on [YOUR TOPIC] in [Vietnamese]. I would like you to recommend at least 500 Semantic SEO friendly and potential Synonyms and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). Arrange all categories in a table.


Câu lệnh liệt kê từ khóa, outline

Create a detailed Brief and a stuctured Outline for a copywriter that covers the following trending topic:”YOUR TOPIC“. You must before perform a keyword research then provide the copywriter the highest conversion keywords, long tail keywords and related keywords plus some semantically related keywords and entities related to the topic. Provide the right quantity of subheadings h2 and h3 and write them in the outline for the copywriter, provide the appropriate metatags for the article that will be written, a high conversion rate metadescription (max 140), a great conversion Title h1 (max 60), suggest images about the topic to be added inside the article and how many. Suggest the copywriter about the optimal length of the article, the search intent, the goal, the target and the proper tone of voice for this article. Suggest the copywriter 6 proper high clickbait anchor texts to be insert into the article to let the SEO specialist . Refer the copywriter with at least 5 famous brand names related to the topic. Suggest 4 proper ending FAQ related to the topic. Suggest one topic related relevant quote from a famous author to facilitate and please the reading of the article.Please write the briefing and the outline in proper Vietnamese. Do not write the full article itself, write down all the the acquired information in form of a detailed briefing and add a structured outline.

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